Card Games – A betting game

During the poker game, we gradually increase our bets. Namely, twice. This happens when we bluff. Roughly speaking, this happens as follows. We place a bet and our opponent extinguishes it. And increases, in turn, twice.

We also extinguish it and double it. This happens as many times as the bluff lives. When the bet is closed and no longer increases, the cards are opened. The winner is the one with the older card. If the bet is not extinguished, then all the winnings go to the one who made the bet. And the cards don’t open. This move is called a “pass”.

These are the simple rules…

But in the course of the game, the stakes vary. Initially, they may have different meanings. They can be, say, for a dollar. Or ten dollars each. Or even a hundred. The minimum bet is one kopeck. This game is played at home when everyone who sits at the table is their own. In this case, it is stupid to pile up the game for a lot of money. It’s just entertainment for family members. However, they don’t play poker without money at all. More precisely, they play, of course. But this is not poker anymore. This is some kind of nonsense. The biggest bets are in championship games. Prizes worth ten or a hundred thousand dollars are played here. Or a million dollars. These are very serious competitions, which we will talk about sometime next time. In the meantime, about these home games, which, of course, have a future. The fact is that they, these home poker games, eventually become the basis for other games. For sports, for making money, for everything that is somehow connected with poker. It is these games that turn into a good training of perseverance, patience and extraordinary card luck. You just need to constantly train, find the best combinations in the cards, study various moves. Learning is also necessary when playing poker – as in any business. Despite the fact that poker is, first of all, a game. Starting with a penny, we are putting more and more money on the line. First a penny, then a ruble, then a dollar.

This is a common practice.

But for a family game, it does not play a special role. Playing poker at home, we do not set ourselves the goal of winning all the money from our, say, son or wife. No, we will return the money won to the cashier in any case. And we will live on – with our problems and worries. It’s a different matter when it comes to playing on the side. Then yes, first we play for a dollar, then for ten and end up with a hundred.

A hundred dollars is a serious bet, which is very difficult to raise – because all this requires a lot of money. But at the same time, the game becomes more intense, becomes interesting and attracts more and more people. We’re playing poker. Day after day, evening after evening. Until then, until it’s time to fight with the real masters of this amazing game.