Card poker – We are being treated for poker fever

Well, what can be cured of poker fever? I understand that there are no such people in our society and there cannot be. But… still? How? How to stop the painful attraction to poker? And how to stop the influence of this game on our lives? First, we must fully understand what we are dealing with.

Poker fever is a disease that has no name yet. Why not? Yes, because the disease itself (let’s add – it seems) does not exist. There are people for whom poker has entered their lives for a long time. Who can’t imagine it without cards and poker pieces. Who bet everything they have on poker- including survival itself. But at the same time they constantly lose.

And there is no end to it.

Secondly, the disease is a disease, but you need to be able to play poker without having money. You don’t have a cent, not a penny. You come to the gaming house, buy some chips and sit down to play‚Ķ What are you taking these chips for? What are the big shots? And if you don’t have money for chips, then what kind of poker can we talk about? In short, the situation is quite understandable. We will treat the disease – if it has clung to us. But even here there are certain problems. First of all, how to recognize this disease to a person who is ill with it? After all, nothing exists for him except the game. No love, no family, no job. He just lives from game to game. And constantly loses. How do I know if you’re sick? And then, how to deal with the disease – if you don’t know that you have it? You regularly lose at poker, but you’ve lost before, even before your illness. And then – do not consider constant losses a big failure. You can constantly lose and at the same time be in a small gain. If you know how to operate bids. But, let’s say the disease is detected. And she clung (ugh-ugh) to us. What should I do to get rid of it? It’s very simple to stop playing poker. And at the same time in any other card games.

And in general, in all games for money. And never touch this infection again. Only this way and no other way. Other methods are ineffective. What does getting rid of poker fever give? A wonderful life with all its nuances.

Family, love, work.

And everything is fine, everything is fine. Only… there’s no poker. And if there is no poker, then there is no life itself. That’s where the main problem begins. It is probably impossible to get rid of it. Or… maybe? I don’t know. But I know for sure that getting rid is a long and painful process. It’s a good thing I don’t have poker fever. I don’t think I’m sick.