Gambling machines are designed so that anyone can enter the game and win a certain amount of money. If we draw analogies, imagine that the slot collects the pot in the form of user bets and gives out parts of the total pot, again, to users. Who and how many winnings will get – the will of chance decides.

Slot machines work based on the algorithm of the RNG generator of free numbers. This is a software solution that ensures the impartiality and randomness of the payout of winnings. The slot machine does not know who you are, how much money you have and how many bets you have already made in the game. In any case, he gives out winnings “blindly” thanks to the RNG.

The random number generator is responsible for which pictures will appear on the screen when each spin is stopped. Depending on the coincidence of the pictures, according to the combinations provided by the gameplay, winnings are awarded.

Each of your spins on the online slot creates a request to the game server. The RNG located in the server generates a set of numbers for you: imagine that the place of each character on the screen is a number. If you get 3 fours on the line, 5 sevens or any other similar match, you get a win. In real form, all this mathematics is hidden under pictures that visualize the process through gamification.

Actually, all slot machines work like this. As an association, one can cite, say, the wheel of fortune. Imagine a drum in the style of the television program “Field of Miracles”, only with a lot of sectors. Most often, there will be ten sectors on such a reel (the most common junior symbol in slot machines), there will be a little less jacks, a little less ladies, and so on. The more valuable a symbol is, the less often it falls out. The spin on the slot in this case can be called the launch of this huge reel, and so on for each cell for symbols. What will come out of this and whether there will be matches of symbols along the line – this lies on the shoulders of probability.


That is, random generation of symbols on the reels is the basis of any gameplay of the slot machine. All the players are slowly making bets, and mathematics decides which of the players will get a win and how big it will be.

The casino takes only a small percentage – about 5% of all bets. Hence, such an indicator as the percentage of return, aka RTP, is taken. The 95% return rate is a classic.

However, the above does not mean that by putting 100 rubles, you will get 95 back. You can get a few thousand, or nothing at all, for example. Winnings in slot machines are a consequence of the random, uneven distribution of money deposited in the slot machine between players. And there are a number of recommendations that will allow you to be among the winners.

An important caveat: if you intend to earn money on gambling seriously, play only in reputable casinos with a license. It is easy to check whether an online casino has a license. If there is one, you will see a notification about it on the main page of the site, which is usually accompanied by a link to the online license certificate posted on the licensee’s website. The best licensees of online casinos are the state regulators of Spain, Curacao, Malta.

Only an online casino with a license will provide you with the random nature of the game and, as a result, the opportunity to earn. The opposite of them is scripted casinos that twist the results.

You may ask why a casino should work honestly? Licensed casinos enjoy great prestige and have maximum audience coverage. Yes, they earn only 5% of the turnover of funds, but their turnover is disproportionately greater than that of scammers, who reduce returns to those who start winning. With the second in the plus, you will never get out.


Nevertheless, there are still some secrets on how to increase the chances of winning in slot machines. It all starts with a simple one: choose slot machines with the highest possible percentage of returns. 95% is an average figure: there are deviations from it both in a smaller and in a larger direction. Sometimes there are slots with a return of 98% and for those who want to make money on slot machines, this is the first tool. You can find out the RTP of the slot machine either on the official website of the manufacturer, or in reviews from the Internet, or sometimes this information is still placed in the information section of the slot itself (where the paytable is).

The second rule is to study the gameplay as much as possible. Sometimes there are some loopholes in the principles of operation of slot machines. Knowing them will increase your chances of getting the most out of them. For example, in the Bratva slot machine from Unique, the bonus game “Thief” has two modes – more risky and less risky. And the Monkey Slot and almost all other devices of the Igrosoft vendor protect those who play at the maximum bet from premature termination of the bonus. Ideally, you need to know all these secrets of slot machines. Thematic reviews that you can find on the Internet, plus reviews of real players’ slots, will help you in this matter. And since you are going down this path, choose well-known and not too new machines: they are studied as much as possible.

Not superfluous at the stage of preparation for the big game will be a free game on slot machines in demo mode. Before making real money, the gameplay needs to be studied in person. After all, the principle of awarding prizes is random, each gameplay still has its own character. After tracing it, playing for money in a casino will be a little less unpredictable for you.

Another nuance of earning money on online slots is casino bonuses. Is it worth taking them at all, and if so, which ones are a philosophical question and in need of a separate study. But if you take them, follow these recommendations:

Prefer bonuses without a wager.
If there is a wager, win back the bonus on low-volatility slots – Warlords from NetEnt, Poud of Koi from Microgaming and others like them. So you will have more chances.
If you have taken a deposit bonus with a wager, go to a highly volatile game (Book of Ra from Novomatic or any other) and make several maximum high bets. Do not be upset if you lose, but in this case the risk is justified as much as possible.


On the Internet you can find information about phone programs that allow you to cheat slots – REGenerator and others. They allegedly predict the algorithms for issuing a random number generator. Of course, the prospect of using such programs is an ambiguous matter. Reviews on hacking slot machines in this way have a completely different emotional color. To use them or not – the decision remains at your discretion. In any case, there will be no harm from this, and everyone will evaluate the effectiveness for himself.

If you resort to this method, prefer playing on old slots – Gaminator, Igrosoft and others like them. They are all more studied, and then who knows…