The word “casino” is traditionally associated with most of us with themed establishments where you can play for money. Whether it’s the chic interiors in Las Vegas with green tables for playing cards and roulette, or the format of halls with slot machines that is more familiar to our latitudes. Nevertheless, a casino today is more about a virtual format, no matter how strong a different associative series is in our minds. It’s like with books: we present them in the form of paper volumes, but in everyday life we are increasingly reading from the phone screen. Is it convenient to play online casino and what features does such a gameplay have?

So, the format of playing in an online casino has all the same advantages as, say, shopping in online stores or watching TV shows online. The modern gambling process on the Internet is complete freedom of action, constant availability, comfort and erasing unnecessary frames. For those who have at least once visited a gaming hall with slot machines in the nineties or two thousandth years, this will be a fundamentally new experience of going beyond. For those who are still not familiar with gambling in principle, it will be a new world of entertainment and modern leisure. But virtual casinos leave few people indifferent, and this is a fact. And to start exploring this world, any device with Internet access – a home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone will be enough.


The prospect of playing for money on the Internet may be confusing in view of the remote format, but in fact these fears are false. If you play in a licensed casino, of course.

Virtual casinos with a license guarantee complete impartiality of the gaming process and the security of user information. The relevant documents for legitimate online gaming activities are issued only after a number of audits. This includes checking the random number generator responsible for the spontaneous nature of the loss of results and verifying the authenticity of slot machines. These checks are carried out only by those sites where the slots are real, and the administration has no functionality to interfere in the process of receiving winnings by players.

How do I check for a license in a virtual casino? If there is one, you will see the corresponding confirmation (most often it looks like an icon with the licensee’s logo and a tick). Clicking on it will take you to the page with the certificate of the institution on the website of a particular licensee. If so, you can rest assured: the game in this virtual institution is completely honest.


If the old slot machines in the halls were mechanical, then in online casinos you have to deal with virtual machines. If in the first, reels with symbols that can form combinations are responsible for the issuance of winnings, then in the second case, the program is responsible for this matter. Imagine it like this: each slot machine symbol has its own number. A special program called a random number generator gives out a number of numbers for each of the sections on the reels. If there is a match of identical symbols in the line, there is also a win. Numbers of more valuable symbols fall out less often and vice versa, according to probability theory.

If you are playing on a licensed virtual machine, then the process will take place exactly according to this scenario. Everything depends only on your luck, the will of chance. Of course, there are also fake slots – those where, with the beginning of a series of wins, the percentage of returns is “screwed”. But a gambling site with such software will never get a license. That’s why having a license for users is of utmost importance.

The percentage of return in licensed slots averages 95%. That is, you have every chance to get good winnings, while the receiving side has a minimal percentage advantage. Honest casinos make a profit due to the mass nature of the game, and not due to cunning manipulations with slot machines. They do not affect the machines in any way.

An honest casino can be considered a virtual institution with any license. Yes, there are different licenses (issued in different jurisdictions). But absolutely all licensees carefully check for honesty. The difference between the licensee countries mainly consists only in the fact that each country, according to its legislation, provides its own list of regions available for work. For example, with a Curacao license, it is impossible to provide gambling services in the United States. Accordingly, the owners of sites interested in American geo should opt for another licensee country.

For users, all these nuances are not relevant. Having a license is already good. And whether it was issued in Malta or in Antigua and Barbuda – in this case, it makes no difference.


Let’s say you have a time machine. You will move on it in the year 98 and go to any game room. The choice of slot machines for the game will be very limited in it. If we take it by modern standards, then even the largest hall in terms of the vastness of the assortment will be negligible compared to the assortment of an average modern virtual casino.

Machines on the Internet, as they say, are not asked to eat. There is no need to allocate space for them, spend additional electricity, etc. The administration of a licensed virtual casino pays slot machine manufacturers to connect their software to their websites, and immediately get access to the full library. So it turns out that a virtual casino can provide its users with the opportunity to play many different online slot machines without unnecessary expenses and efforts.

So, almost any high-quality gambling site will provide you with the opportunity to play slots for every taste. Including the old ones, if you are familiar with them.

Monkeys from Igrosoft, Party Gold from Unique, Books from Gaminator and many other hits of 1990-2000 are also available online. Yes, their original versions were hardware, but they were moved online a long time ago, adapting the gameplay to a virtual format to an exact extent in accordance with all the norms of gambling laws. You can enjoy old hits in a comfortable format, fully satisfying your sense of nostalgia.

By the way, old gambling content is loved not only for old times’ sake. Many representatives of the younger generation are also not averse to playing Strawberries or some other authentic slot. Classic, of course.

However, the new slots are also capable of pleasantly surprising. Technology has stepped far ahead, and now the virtual format of the game gives a complete immersion in one or another fascinating story, unexpectedly gaining momentum. The quality of graphics, the variety of gameplay and the new format of winnings – that’s what new slot machines are loved for.

Virtual casinos and live dealers

By the way, if we talk about a new experience, it is impossible not to mention such a modern category of gambling entertainment as games with live dealers. If not everyone could play authentic blackjack at the table or play roulette, which is played by a real croupier, then today this restriction has been lifted.

Games with live dealers, they are also Live Casino or Live dealers – a virtual process of a classic game in exact reproduction. You participate in the game remotely, seeing everything that happens in the game on the screen, as if you are sitting in a premium gambling house in Las Vegas or Monaco.

Blackjack, Baccarat, European roulette, poker and much more – all gambling games with a history are available in live mode for playing with live croupiers in virtual casinos.

Bonuses for dessert

And if the virtual format of gambling is still unfamiliar to you, another pleasant surprise awaits you: online casinos give bonuses. It can be free money for the game or free spins (free spins in slot machines), etc. Casino bonuses are an important component of modern gambling culture, without which few people can imagine the gambling process.

Each bonus in an online casino is a new opportunity to get additional winnings not for your own money, but for gift money from the institution. In particular, welcome bonuses are widely popular. They will be especially useful for beginners, as they allow you to try the gambling process for free.

First of all, you should pay attention to bonuses without a deposit. This is when you can play with bonus money without investing your own, but competing for quite real winnings. If luck is on your side and brings you a series of victories, you will be able to withdraw money from the online casino, simultaneously getting acquainted with new bonuses and new opportunities.

Many virtual casinos provide the opportunity to take bonuses at least for each deposit, which only makes the game more profitable. In addition, it is also informative. For example, if we are talking about bonuses with free spins, then they will be a great opportunity for you to try some new gambling machine for yourself and expand your gambling horizons. Gradually, all kinds of individual offers, VIP bonuses, etc. are added to them. Only one thing remains unchanged: bonuses in gaming casinos always remain relevant for you.

Try a new format of gambling – and you will see how far the world of excitement and modern technologies has stepped. More and more people are discovering virtual casinos as a pleasant way of affordable leisure.