Withdrawal of funds

Many online casinos prescribe in the rules of the game that the withdrawal of winnings to personal accounts from the deposit must be made in the same ways as the replenishment of the balance. At the same time, be sure to study the provisions prescribed in the relevant section of the gaming portal:

  • Firstly, there are always limits that must be taken into account when applying for withdrawal.
  • Secondly, large sums can be withdrawn for a long time (for example, in the Vulcan club, winnings from 1 million are withdrawn within 1 month).
  • Thirdly, many institutions have “anti-money laundering” legislation that allows funds to be withdrawn only if their amount exceeds the initial deposit by 2 or more times.

In fact, there can be a lot of such items, so study the conditions carefully.

Account verification

This is a mandatory procedure for regular players.
If you decide to have fun for money in a particular place seriously, you can go through identification immediately after registration. Do not wait until the administration asks for it. It is impossible to do without proof of identity when withdrawing.
In addition, by going through this procedure, you confirm that you are an honest player, and not a fraudster.
List of the best online casinos: it’s easy to play for money!

It’s hard to say which online casino is the most generous. If you choose an honest resource, then you will be comfortable anywhere. Of course, the risk of losing is very high, but at least you will not be deceived. It will be safe to play online casinos for money (rubles), a list of which you will find below. These establishments are considered honest and reliable:

  • Frank Casino;
  • Joycasino;
  • SlotV;
  • Casino X;
  • William Hill;
  • Play Fortuna and others.

In fact, there are still a lot of decent resources, so study the information and choose.
Games that are most likely to win

Experienced players know that strategies and, moreover, hacking programs will not help to beat the casino in any way. In reliable clubs, all slot machines have built–in random number generators, so your winnings are pure luck. Keep in mind that even the coolest and most honest institution always has an advantage over the players. Most likely, if you play for a very long time (for example, several years), the end result will be, to put it mildly, quite sad. However, as in any lottery, you have a chance (sooooo small) to hit the jackpot of several million in a convertible currency and never start gambling again in your life.


The most reasonable thing is to bypass the online casino side, but if you need a detente, and you can’t imagine your life without drive and adrenaline, try to play for fun, not for earnings. A reasonable game without emotions will not hurt anyone. Good luck!

I would like to ask readers how they manage the money won at the casino. There is nothing to ask about the lost. And so it’s clear where they go. But what do you do with the funds you have won? Do you manage to spend them wisely?
I will share my sad experience. I tried to deal with the winnings in different ways.

  • Accumulating a bankroll – In the years of my optimistic youth, I hoped to unwind on blackjack and poker. For some time I saved up the money I won, slowly raised the stakes and entertained myself with dreams of future wealth. How it all ended, you probably understand yourself. A black streak has come, which was supported by the management of local casinos tired of me. As a result, the bankroll safely returned from my wallet to the cash desks of the surrounding establishments.
  • Unbridled fun – Desperate to make millions at the casino, I started spending my winnings on drunkenness, restaurants and other excesses. They say gambling is entertainment, and winnings should be spent in the same spirit. I still think this is a good approach if you rarely go to the casino. And if you sit there often, the money in your pockets runs out catastrophically quickly.
  • Useful acquisitions – Having grown up a little, I decided to make worthwhile purchases with winnings. Moreover, I played less often, and I no longer needed a permanent bankroll. I don’t know how to explain it, but all the things I bought were lost, broken or gathering dust without doing anything. I can’t remember a single thing that would really be useful to me in life. Probably, being afraid of losing money, I hastily acquired useless junk for me.
  • Debts – There was still a period when I lent the money I won. As a rule, friends from the casino. I thought that later, when they were returned, there would be no desire to spend them right away. I admit, it was a stupid idea. Some “friends” still have to. Others gave it directly to the casino, and the money went to the game. In general, the plan did not work.
  • Family – Spending the money won at the casino on the family is the most normal approach. Like compensation for the time you spent not on your wife and children, but on a moronic entertainment, which is gambling. It is even better to take your wife with you (unless she is a ludomaniac, which often happens in families). She’ll figure out where to spend the money. But this is only suitable for couples with normal relationships.

In short, I came to the conclusion that if you start going to the casino, it’s better to mentally say goodbye to the money you allocate for the game.

Roulette chips on a gaming table in a casino. Casino game concept.

What do you say about this? Have you noticed anything like this?